Jesus is Lord – the “I am” statements in Revelation

Many are familiar with the famous “I am” statements of Jesus recorded in John’s Gospel.  John was also the writer of the Book of Revelation where there are some more “I am” statements of Jesus that are less well known.  After brief background from John’s Gospel this piece will concentrate on these examples from Revelation. … More Jesus is Lord – the “I am” statements in Revelation

Jesus lives!

2,000 years after the earthly life of Jesus an amazing message still reverberates around the world. It is a message that has been repeated by millions every Easter and by Christians on a daily basis. To the words “Christ has risen” being uttered comes the response “He is risen indeed”. This is either the most … More Jesus lives!

A hymn for Easter

This hymn is a beautiful contemplation of the cross and the response it deserves that we should make.  All the source hymn book says in background is “W. J. Blew (from the Latin)”.  A quick internet search yields no further information so far. A shameful death He dies, Uplifted with transgressors twain, The Lamb for … More A hymn for Easter

John 3:16 – Gospel according to Jesus

Headline notes on each element of these precious words and promises from Jesus Himself.  Nothing said below is contradicted elsewhere in any New Testament teaching which in its proper context concerns the offer and appropriation of the salvation gifts. God – as revealed in the Bible.  Only the Biblical revelation of the nature of God and its … More John 3:16 – Gospel according to Jesus