The Bible, what is it really all about?

A significant but unfortunate trend in Christian theology over centuries has been to try and make the Bible all about the Church.  It’s as though every passage has to be interpreted so that it is primarily about US as Christians.

The Bible is not all about the Church. It is all about Jesus.

It is about Jesus and the Church, and Jesus and His personal relationship with individual Christians. There are supremely great and precious promises for today concerning Christ and the Church and individual Christians, together with sure and certain hope for the future.

However, the Bible is also about so much more….

The Bible is also about Jesus and the holy angels. And about Jesus and Satan and the fallen angels. This is Jesus and His place in the heavenly realms.

It is about Jesus and Israel (the Jews) – a very significant subject of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is also about Jesus and the Gentile nations spread across the whole world. In short the Bible is about Jesus and all people everywhere – in the past, the present, and, most especially, the major developments clearly prophesied for the future.

In addition the Bible is about Jesus and the cosmos, the world of nature, plants and animals, the earth, moon, sun and stars. It is about Jesus and the whole of creation – His creation.

The Bible is full of prophetic detail about Jesus and the future – involving every aspect of creation and humanity that is mentioned above. The exciting thing is that every day brings the next step nearer. The timings for the working out of things in all these areas are in Christ’s hands and in the Father’s hands, and Christ Himself will be the One to bring everything into effect for the ultimate glory of God and blessing of His creation.

Christians of all people should be awake to the signs of the times. However, one of the signs of the times is that even believers will be deceived and dull to the evidence in front of our eyes.

The next page of the story to unfold is the coming of Christ into the air to call the Church – all Christian believers – to be with Him (1 Thess 4 etc). This is the one event presented in the New Testament for which Christians should be always expectant because it is imminent – there is nothing else prophetically necessary to intervene first.

He who has ears let him hear, and he who has eyes let him see….

To Christ be all the glory – the Bible is about Jesus and everyone, about Jesus and everything, about Jesus in time (past, present and future) and in eternity.


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