A hymn for Easter

This hymn is a beautiful contemplation of the cross and the response it deserves that we should make.  All the source hymn book says in background is “W. J. Blew (from the Latin)”.  A quick internet search yields no further information so far.

A shameful death He dies,
Uplifted with transgressors twain,
The Lamb for sacrifice,
By sinners slain.

Full was the cup of woe;
In death His thorn-crowned head declined;
“‘Tis done,” He said, and then
His soul resigned.

O come my soul, and gaze
On that great grief, that crown of thorn:
See there, in deep amaze,
Thy sentence borne.

To Thee, O Saviour, Lord,
Who washed in blood our sins away,
Our boundless gratitude
Its thanks would pay.




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