The gospel message and the love of God

Here are two approaches to sharing the gospel. Each has support among “evangelical” Christians. The question needs to be asked – can both be right? If not, which is correct?

1. When sharing the gospel “we do not tell people that God loves them”. In terms of the gospel, He only loves the “elect” – those who will actually be saved – and “since we do not know who these are, we cannot tell anyone individually that God loves them or that Christ died for them”.

2. When confronted with gang members threatening to use knives, a preacher said directly to them “Remember, God loves you and Jesus died for you. If you were to kill me and cut me into 100 pieces, each one would cry out to you with the same message – God loves you, Jesus died for you, trust in Jesus as your personal Saviour”.

In later posts, plenty of discussion can be expected on why #2 is correct, and how seriously #1 contradicts the the Bible message and the very nature of God as He Himself reveals.

Dear reader – whoever you are….

Remember. God is love. His love is personal, for you. God the Father loved you enough to send His Son Jesus. Jesus loved you enough to die for you. He did this and rose again to show that the Father put His full seal on the work of the cross. All God asks is for you believe and thank Him for all He has done in Jesus Christ.


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