Welcome to our new website – Cregrina Free Mission

This is quite a leap for our little local fellowship – launching the website from our sleepy rural backwater of mid Wales into the 21st century and all the potential of worldwide internet communication!  God communicates and He is very creative – and He made us “in His image”.  So it is good for Christians to communicate the message in creative ways and join in using the methods of the modern world.

However, Christians are not in any position to change the content of the message.  We are sharing the “same old story” of Jesus and His love.  This story has been shared for 2,000 years, and yet it never really grows old because it continues to be a living and relevant message for every human being in every place in the world.  The “old, old story” is also “ever new”, it is living and fresh because the Lord Jesus our Saviour, who died almost 2,000 years ago, rose again and is alive for evermore.

Why is the Lord Jesus presented as “Saviour”?  Even His very name of Jesus means “Saviour”.  He saves people who need saving.  It’s a need we all share.  He saves from sin – from the penalty of sin, from the power of sin, and ultimately from the presence of sin by bringing His people into His presence in heaven.  He saves from death – separation from God – because of His own death in our place and His glorious resurrection.  He saves from hell and from the clutches of Satan, because He alone has the power, the authority, the perfection that God required, the ability, the willingness and the love to do such great things for people like us who rebelled against God.

The message of the Bible can be delivered in a very succinct way.  The many words, pages and books of the Old Testament can be brought down to this message of promise – “Jesus is coming”.  The Old Testament shows that mankind had a need for a Saviour, and Jesus the Messiah was promised to be exactly the Saviour mankind needed.

The New Testament, although much shorter, can be divided into two parts.  The Gospels can be summed up as “Jesus has come”.  They are the historical records of the unique birth, perfect life, atoning death and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, who came exactly as promised hundreds of years before, fulfilling many prophecies literally to the letter.

The rest of the New Testament – the Acts, the epistles and Revelation – can be condensed to another brief message, which is that “Jesus is coming again”.  Many Old Testament prophecies remained unfulfilled at His first coming, and there are also many new prophecies, some from Jesus Himself in the gospels, and many more in the later books of the New Testament, especially Revelation.

The Bible, in effect, is really all about the Lord Jesus Christ.  Get the truths about Jesus right and you will have the key to understanding the Bible.  Get the Bible right and you will have the key to understanding who the real Jesus is.  The Bible is the written Word of God while the Lord Jesus is the living Word of God, the “Word made flesh” as John writes in his gospel.  So Jesus and the Bible fit together like hand and glove, and we need both to appreciate the full revelation of God.

The Lord Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No one comes to God except through Him.  And only the Bible tells us the truths about Jesus that we need to know.  The Bible is a living book that is still transforming people’s lives today.  The record of the Bible is that it brings people “from darkness to light” and even “from death to life”.

Join with us as we share in the peace and joy of knowing Jesus as Saviour, as communicated by God through His Word, the Bible.  It is a joy to share with the wider world from our lovely secret little corner of God’s world.  It is exciting to trust that God uses His people to serve in communicating the message of Jesus Christ with others.

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